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The Delhi Police Public School, Kingsway Camp is affiliated with Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) vide affiliation no: 2750173 and Directorate of Education Govt. of NCT, Delhi.
Medical Record
A team of doctors visit the School to conduct a medical check-up of the students. A qualified nurse attends to the minor ailments of students during School hours and maintains a complete record of each child.
A report of medical check-up is sent to the parents. Parents are advised to make a note of the advice given by the doctor and take follow up action where necessary.
Parents are requested to inform the class teacher about chronic ailments.
School Transport
Whenever possible the School transport will be provided but the School does not guarantee transport to all those seeking admission.
The transport charges will vary according to the distance of the pupil’s residence from the School.
Transport charges may be increased by the management when the need to do so arises and this may be done without prior notice.
While the School authorities will do their duty to ensure smooth and safe functioning of the School bus, the School will not be responsible for any accident, damage, failure to pick up or reach the student on time.
Children must travel by bus route that is allotted to them. No changes will be allowed unless applies for, in writing.
If so desired, students will be allowed to discontinue the use of the School bus by giving one month’s notice in advance in writing, to the Headmistress.
Shifting to a new locality does not entitle the pupil to use the school bus plying in the new locality without permission from the School authorities.
An affidavit is required for students who have studied in an unrecognized school.
School Rules
Students are expected to contribute to the high tone of the school by their manners and general behavior. They should be diligent, honest, industrious, courteous, friendly, respectful and well-behaved in and outside the school.
Senior students, prefects and monitors have a special responsibility with regard to the discipline and welfare of the students, particularly the younger children.
Students are expected not to leave the school premises during school hours and to return home after school in the usual manner as decided by the parents and the school authorities, without any change.
In order to help the school in the child’s progress, parents are requested:
  • To read the almanac daily to see that the lessons and homework assigned for the day is done. Remarks put down in the almanac should be seen and countersigned regularly.
  • To attend the P.T.A meetings so as to maintain close contact with the school in order to monitor the child’s progress.
  • To meet the Class Teacher and subject teachers on the first and third Saturday of the month.
  • To pay due heed to circulars and notices sent by the School Authorities and sign and return them promptly, whenever required to do so.
  • Not to make any social engagements or medical appointments during working hours.
  • Not to send the child to School in case he/she suffering from any infectious disease till the infectious period is over.
  • To bring child earliest to school 15 minutes before the School begins and take him/her back latest, 15 minutes after the classes are over. The School does not take any responsibility of the child thereafter.
  • To ensure that the child doesn’t carry any valuable to the School.
  • To ensure that their ward put in at least 75% of class attendance and appears for the periodical tests and examinations regularly during the School year. If the student is absent for a weekly test/exam without prior information, no marks will be given to him/her for that test. Only absence on medical grounds will be considered. Promotion to the next class will depend on the performance in these tests and examination.
  • To communicate to the school, any change in office and residential address and telephone numbers, at the earliest to facilitate speedy contact in an emergency.
  • To intimate leave taken by the ward to the class teacher through an application. In case the leave period exceeds five days, absence from the school must be intimated to the Principal of the School. Whenever applicable, a medical certificate must support the leave application.
  • To pay the fees by cheque quarterly/annually by 15th of the month failing which a fine of Rs/-100 per month shall be charged.
  • Due importance is attached to the general appearance of students. They are expected to be well turned out in neat and clean uniform of the prescribed pattern.
  • In case a student sustains injuries during school hours, first-aid will be rendered immediately and serious injuries necessitating hospital/opd treatment shall be attended to without delay. In case of an emergency, the child will be rushed to the nearest hospital. Hospital expenses, if any, will be borne by parents.
  • The Headmistress is empowered to request the withdrawal or to strike off the name of the student from the school rolls for prolonged absence which is not explained, or if, in her opinion the conduct or progress of the student is unsatisfactory.
  • Timings : 9:00 am to 1:00 pm (Weekdays) | 9:00 am to 1:00 pm (First and Third Saturdays).
School Uniform
Class II and Above


Summer ( 1st to 30thOctober )
White terricot short sleeved shirt
Green terricot half pant (upto Class VII)
Green terricot pant (Class VIII upwards)
Black P.T. shoes (upto Class V)
Black leather shoes (Class VI onwards)
White socks with bottle green stripes
School belt
Bottle green patkas (for Sikh boys)

Winter ( 1st November to 31st March )
White terricot full Sleeved shirt
Grey terriwool pant
Black P.T. shoes (upto Class V)
Black leather shoes (upto Class VI)
Black leather shoes (upto Class VI)
Bottle green pullover with yellow stripes
Bottle green single breasted blazer (optional)
School tie
School belt


Summer ( 1st to 30thOctober )
White teeevedshirtrricot short sleeved shirt
Green terricot skirt (upto Class VII)
Green terricot divided skirt (Class VIII upwards)
Black P.T. shoes (upto Class V)
Black leather shoes (Class VI onwards)
White socks with bottle green stripes
School belt
Bottle green/black ribbon hair bands

Winter ( 1st November to 31st March )
White terricot full sleeved shirt with school name
Grey terriwool tunic
Black shoes (upto Class V)
Black leather shoes (upto Class VI)
Grey stockings with bottle green stripes
Bottle green pullover with yellow stripes
Bottle green single breasted blazer (optional)
School tie
School belt
The Parent-Teacher Meetings(PTMs) give an opportunity to interact and discuss various issues related to the progress of the child and the school. The following PTMs will be held during the academic session:
General Body Meeting (GBM)
A General Body Meeting will be held once a year. Sub-committees of parents and teachers would be formed as and when required to plan and work on different projects.
Orientation Programme
Orientation programme for the parents will be conducted for all the classes, during the academic session.
Open Days
On such days lectures by experts (Psychologist/Career Counselor/Other) are organized which all the parents are expected to attend. Thereafter they proceed to meet the class and subject teacher’s to discuss their child progress and collect the report cards. Parents are expected to sign and return these to the class teacher, within a week.
Other Meetings
Other than the above mentioned days, parents may meet the teachers on working Saturdays (1st and 3rd) or by prior appointment (through a note in the almanac) to discuss urgent issues where the child academic progress is not satisfactory, parents should make it a point to meet the teacher regularly as this helps in close co-ordination and results in overall academic improvement.
  • Parents are not permitted to visit the school without prior permission on days other than those mentioned above or without prior intimation as this disturb the classes in progress.
  • Parents are requested to be punctual for all PTMs.
  • Parents are requested to the check the almanac and sign against the date sheets and teacher’s notes in the almanac.
House System
The students of the School have been grouped into four houses.
Ruby | Sapphire | Topaz | Emerald